Annual Financial Statement

The annual financial statement ends the past year and provides insight into your operational success.

For this reason, the annual financial statement must not only be prepared on time, but also have meaningfulness. The annual financial statement is one of the most important decision-making principles for your company.

Therefore, we use all tax planning instruments in coordination with your individual goals. According to your needs, your tax advisors in Landshut and Vilsbiburg prepare the annual financial statement for you, from a simple breakdown to a detailed annual report or plausibility checks.

We offer you:

  • Preparation of annual financial statements with balance sheet, income statement, appendix and management report
  • Preparation of revenue-surplus invoices according to § 4 paragraph 3 EStG
  • Preparation of opening balance sheets and interim financial statements
  • Preparation of liquidation balance sheets and liquidation accounts


Tax Returns

Another focus of ours is the preparation of tax returns. Come visit us, we will discuss your tax situation, in order to create your tax return.

We offer you:

  • Income tax returns
  • VAT returns
  • Corporate statements
  • Commercial tax returns
  • Inheritance tax declarations
  • Gift statements
  • Tax returns under the Foreign Tax Law
  • Tax returns to the second residence property tax
  • In addition, we check already created tax returns and show you possibilities for improvement


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